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The Secret Garden


Mary Lennox, a young English girl born and raised in the British Raj, is orphaned by a cholera outbreak when she is ten years old. She is sent away from India to Yorkshire, England, to live in the manor of a brooding uncle she has never met. There, her personality blossoms among the other residents of the manor and the moor as they bring new life to a long-neglected garden.

Production Team:

Artistic Director: Danny Harvey

Music Director: Bob Hardinge

Choreographer: Cathy Smith

Producers: Donna Feggans, Wendy Guest, Michelle Wood

Stage Manager: Julie Van Duzen


February 21, 22, 27, 28 and March 1 at 8pm

February 23, 28 and March 1 and 2 at 2pm

Meadowvale Theatre | 6315 Montevideo Rd. | Mississauga


Mary Lennox - Avery Kadish

Colin Craven - Harrison Bruce

Lily Craven - Erica Harvey

Archibald Craven - Max DeNardis

Mrs. Medlock - Mandy Meisner

Neville Craven - Kirk De Palma

Martha - Amanda Dwyer

Dickon - Mark Meisner

Rose - Paula Gonsalves

Albert - Stephen Kochurba

Mrs. Winthrope - Bobbie Flatt

Ben - Doug Feggans

Ayah - Joanna Fraser

Fakhir - Adam Dolson

Female dreamers:

Kati Pearson (Claire)

Melissa Comstock (Alice)

Katie Westrope (Mrs. Shelley)

Philon-Desiree Braithwaite

Julia Gorban

Meaghan Praught

Male Dreamers:

Aaron Cowan (Lt. Wright)

Dylan Roose (Lt. Shaw)

Kevin Roose (Maj. Holmes

Vernonn Mostacho (Maj. Shelley)

Jon Dobbin

Youth Dreamers:

Abigail DeNardis

Gabriel DeNardis

Mari MacDonald

Amanda Rankin

Production Team:

Production Assistant: Muriel LaTour

Rehearsal Pianist: Robin Dalgleish Set Design & Master Carpenter: Bruce Brown

Costumes Design: Alex Amini

Lighting Design: Jim Stagmata Sound Design: David Brown Props & Set Dressing: Virginia Alves & Linda Gauvin

Programme: Debby Roose

President: Nancy Reed