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We are thrilled to have our wonderfully talented team on board for our 2023 production of Matilda the Musical! Read below to learn more about the team and how they like to work and collaborate. 


Craig Marshall 

Artistic Director

I’ve considered myself very lucky to have been involved with many shows at the Meadowvale Theatre, both on and off the stage.  This theatre truly feels like a second home.


As a director, I feel like I have two very important jobs… successfully putting a high quality, entertaining show on the stage, and ensuring everyone has fun along the way.   Getting a show on its feet is a LOT of work, but if you aren’t having fun, you’re doing something wrong.

During the rehearsal process, I feel it is very important to be prepared.  That is my promise to you, and in turn I expect the same.   Although I have a very clear image of the show, scenes, and characters, I strive to create an environment that allows the actors to feel free to experiment and discover their own unique versions of the characters.


I’ve been very fortunate to work with some incredibly talented people in the past, and with this show I’m very excited to see what the next generation of performers has to offer.  See you at auditions!

Artistic Director

Erica Astles

Music Director

I started performing on the Meadowvale Stage at the age of 10, over 25 years ago! 

I had the pleasure of attending Cawthra Park Secondary School as a voice major and went on to Music at the University of Toronto, before attending teacher's college.  


I have been in countless shows and cannot imagine a time when I have not, or will not be involved in a show- my whole life has been growing up on the Meadowvale Theatre stage.


I am a music teacher by day, and I teach JK -Grade 6 music. I truly love my day job, and my "night job" just as much, music directing for the Encore Series. I always struggle between being the music director or auditioning for a show because I love both! 


I fully appreciate that not everyone reads music and I try my very best to teach the harmonies and notes in a way that makes it fun and easy, with an amazing end product. I also know music rehearsals are not as upbeat as a dance or blocking rehearsal but my aim is to keep it light and keep it moving!  We will be providing tools so people can practice at home, and I am very approachable for review and help! 


My very favourite thing is when we do the sitzprobe and the band and cast come together for the first time- it is truly magical!  I cannot wait to work with everyone on this awesome score! 

Music Director

JQ Smith


I am lucky to have considered Meadowvale Music Theatre one of my "home" groups ever since our production of West Side Story back in 2006. Since then I have taken on many roles both on stage and behind the production table and I am thrilled to be joining the production team again for Matilda in 2023. 

As a former dance teacher I believe that EVERYONE can dance (yes that even includes you!) and it is my job to make every cast member look good and feel great on stage. I love finding fun ways to inspire a love of movement in my casts and watching people have "A-ha!" moments when they nail the choreo for the first time. 

My commitment to my team is to always arrive at rehearsal prepared, with a schedule aimed at not wasting time and armed with detailed choreography notes/plans to facilitate moving at a quick speed. For this production I will have a dance captain who will assist the cast in learning the dances and practicing at times I am busy with other cast members. I believe in creating a safe and open rehearsal space where all questions are welcome and that we can have fun while working hard. 

My expectations for our cast is that you will arrive at rehearsals ready to listen and promote a learning environment for all cast members. Following every rehearsal videos of what we have covered will be made available so that cast members can practice at home and come prepared to the next rehearsal to continue from where we left off. I work hard to make sure our cast is prepared and polished by show time, my expectation is that you will work just as hard. 

Above everything I believe that we all do theatre because we love it and it should be fun! Hard work and respect are the foundation for jokes and laughs. I am so excited to get started and can't wait to work with you! 

Stage Manager

Wendy Guest

Stage Manager

Musical Theatre and Stage Managing is a passion of mine. I have performed on stage, worked back stage and have been an avid audience member. Because of these experiences, I pride myself in my ability to support and organize all of the different production teams, cast and crew members involved in the production so that everything runs smoothly and we stick to a well-planned-out schedule, while still ensuring everyone has a fun, respectful and memorable experience. 


I am a good communicator, I take very detailed notes and I am extremely reliable, resilient and approachable.  I am very dedicated to making sure everyone feels welcome and part of the team! 

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