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We are thrilled to have our wonderfully talented team on board for our 2023 production of Matilda the Musical! Read below to learn more about the team and how they like to work and collaborate. 


Craig Marshall 

Artistic Director

I’ve considered myself very lucky to have been involved with many shows at the Meadowvale Theatre, both on and off the stage.  This theatre truly feels like a second home.


As a director, I feel like I have two very important jobs… successfully putting a high quality, entertaining show on the stage, and ensuring everyone has fun along the way.   Getting a show on its feet is a LOT of work, but if you aren’t having fun, you’re doing something wrong.

During the rehearsal process, I feel it is very important to be prepared.  That is my promise to you, and in turn I expect the same.   Although I have a very clear image of the show, scenes, and characters, I strive to create an environment that allows the actors to feel free to experiment and discover their own unique versions of the characters.


I’ve been very fortunate to work with some incredibly talented people in the past, and with this show I’m very excited to see what the next generation of performers has to offer.  See you at auditions!

Artistic Director

Michael Grieco

Music Director

First of all, I would like to say that I am happy to be a part of this production of Into The Woods for Meadowvale Music Theatre, and I am appreciative of the opportunity to music direct this show for the company alongside Craig’s direction and Cathy’s choreography. I look forward to this collaboration.

I thoroughly enjoy music directing and at the same time playing in the orchestra pit. This has been the case for many amoon. Each position has its own moments of challenge and euphoria associated with a performance. My approach is to work always toward the euphoria 

MD Opion 1.jpeg

feeling each and every night whether on stage or in the pit. That occurs with proper preparation on my part and then executed with the proper guidance for the cast in conjunction with other members of the artistic staff, or with the other members of the pit.


During our preparations for the show, you will hear me say at some point (and more frequently as we approach show dates), to “treat every performance as an opening night”, since that is the only time every single person in that audience is going to be with all of the other people in the theatre, which will produce a unique experience for them. So, as a performer, you are tasked with giving it your best each every evening “on the boards”. I will encourage that from the cast on a regular basis. In order to get there, the goal during rehearsals is to teach the music as effectively as possible and do this through a teach, review, enhance process that creates a steady growth to the way we want you to perform the music and be reflective of my/our vision for the show. Cast members will be able to ask questions, seek clarity, and ask for strategies to better themselves during rehearsals. This could include something simple as having a quick one on one conversation to better understand a situation as an example. I regard myself a very approachable, so please don’t hesitate to have a chat with me.


I look forward to our journey together “Into AND out of the woods” in the very near future!

Music Director

Cathy Smith


I have been fortunate to be part of the Meadowvale Music Theatre family for many years. My first show with MMT was “West Side Story” in 2006 and since then, I have had the pleasure to work with this amazing group on several other shows. I am excited to be part of the production team for “Into the Woods” in 2024.

As a former Studio Owner/Dance Teacher, I have worked with all ages and abilities. Everyone can dance, the key is to believe in yourself! Whether you are an experienced dancer or a beginner, my job is to make every cast member look and feel great on stage and have fun in the process.

I will arrive at rehearsals on time and be prepared so we can make the most of every dance rehearsal. I believe in a safe and open rehearsal space where all questions are welcome, and we can have fun while working hard. Following each dance rehearsal, a video will be available so each cast member can review/practice at home and be prepared for the next rehearsal. I am also happy to provide detailed choreo notes if needed.

My expectation is that you (our cast) will arrive at rehearsals on time, be ready to work, and listen. It is important that we all promote an environment that is positive and accepting of all cast members. Hard work and commitment will make this show amazing!

Community Theatre is a magical, wonderful place where you will grow as a performer, discover hidden talents, learn to work with others, meet new friends and cherish new memories. It has been a privilege to be part of this community for many years and I can’t wait to get started and work with you!

“The body says what words cannot.”
---Martha Graham

Stage Manager

Wendy Guest

Stage Manager

Musical Theatre and Stage Managing is a passion of mine. I have performed on stage, worked back stage and have been an avid audience member. Because of these experiences, I pride myself in my ability to support and organize all of the different production teams, cast and crew members involved in the production so that everything runs smoothly and we stick to a well-planned-out schedule, while still ensuring everyone has a fun, respectful and memorable experience. 


I am a good communicator, I take very detailed notes and I am extremely reliable, resilient and approachable.  I am very dedicated to making sure everyone feels welcome and part of the team! 

Wendy Guest_edited_edited.jpg

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