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The Producers


Bialystock and Bloom! The plot is simple: a down-on-his-luck Broadway producer and his mild-mannered accountant come up with a scheme to produce the most notorious flop in history, thereby bilking their backers (all "little old ladies") out of millions of dollars. Only one thing goes awry: the show is a smash hit! The antics of Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom as they maneuver their way fecklessly through finding a show (the gloriously offensive "Springtime for Hitler"), hiring a director, raising the money and finally going to prison for their misdeeds is a lesson in broad comic construction.

Production Team:

Artistic Director: Doug Feggans

Music Director: Kevin Little

Choreographer: Renee Beiforte

Producers: Donna Feggans, Danny Dalcourt, Donnie Morris

Stage Manager: Wendy Guest


February 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24 at 8pm

February 18, 24 and 25 at 2pm

Meadowvale Theatre | 6315 Montevideo Rd. | Mississauga


Max Bialystok - Kirk Teeple

Leo Bloom - David Grimason

Ulla - Laura Moniz

Roger Debris - Darryl Burton

Carmen Ghia - Ray Chaaya

Franz Liebkind - Mark Ross

Female Ensemble:

Melissa Comstock

Erica Feggans

Stacey Feggans

Jennifer Marshall

Laurie Norris

Laura Parker

Stephanie Rowe

Kristina Testa

Helen Conway

Yvette Ferguson

Stefanie Lennartz

Julie Rolavs

Male Ensemble:

Michael Clost

Anthony Colonello

Vernonn Mostacho

Dylan Roose

Mark Umphrey

Tyler Winder

Ron Harder

Cristien Rapp

Kevin Roose

Danny Dalcourt

Craig Marshall

Production Team:

Production Assistants: Nancy Reed & Muriel LaTour

Set Design: Chris Stoltz Master Carpenter: Walter Collodell

Lighting Design: John Dalgleish

Sound Design: David Brown Costume Design: Alex Amini

Props & Set Dressing: Lily Butler Programme: Debby Roose

ASM: Debby Roose & Michelle Wood

Rehearsal Pianist: Katherine Dickey Front of House: Chris Pearson