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Crazy for You


Crazy For You® tells the story of young New York banker Bobby Child, who is sent to Deadrock, Nevada, to foreclose on a rundown theatre. In Deadrock, Bobby falls for spunky Polly Baker, the theatre owner’s daughter. But Polly takes an instant dislike to the city slicker, so Bobby vows – through cunning, razzmatazz, and a hilarious case of mistaken identity – to win Polly’s heart and save the theatre.

Production Team:

Artistic Director: Danny Harvey

Music Director: Erica Harvey Choreographer: Renee Beiforte Producers: Donna Feggans, Wendy Guest, Michelle Wood Stage Manager: Julie Van Duzen


February 15, 16, 21, 11 and 23 at 8pm

February 17, 23 and 24 and 2 at 2pm

Meadowvale Theatre | 6315 Montevideo Rd. | Mississauga.


Polly - Raylin Marcotte

Bobby - Ryan Jeffrey

Irene - Cecily Restivo-Petroff

Lank - Craig Marshall

Lottie - Leslie Carney

Everett - Doug Feggans

Patricia - Bobbie Flatt

Eugene - Steve Urion

Bella - Nick Sabetti

Production Team:

ASM: Wendy Guest, Debby Roose & Michelle Wood Production Assistant: Muriel LaTour

Set Design: Doug Feggans & Bruce Brown

Master Carpenter: Bruce Brown Costumes Design: Alex Amini

Lighting Design: David Horner Sound Design: David Brown

Props & Set Dressing: Carole Roy Programme: Debby Roose

Front of House Assistants: Karena Bowman, Jane Gillis & Tracy Masters

Rehearsal Pianist: Robin Dalgleish

Follies Girls:

Tess - Kristina Testa

Patsy - Katherine Cordi

Susie - Laura Carney

Sheila - Stacey Feggans

Margie - Katie Westrope

Vera - Laura Moniz

Elaine - Erin Noble

Louise - Laura Parker

Mitzi - JQ Smith

Betsy - Holly Taylor


Moose - Adam Dolson

Mingo - Chris Waldron

Sam - Mark Jones

Junior - Matt Willis

Billy - Vernonn Mostacho

Wyatt - Erik Nosegaard

Custus - Nathan Buehler

Harry - Danny Dalcourt

Pete - Dennis Sunga

Jimmy - Daniel Gillis

Joey - Chris Ning

Backstage Crew:

Ray Chaaya

Chris Davidson

Dan Faulkner

Mackenzie Faulkner

Dylan Roose

Kevin Roose

Laura Wilde

Carole Roy

Nancy Reed


*Act-co – Best Music Director – Erica Feggans Astles

*Act-co – Best Choreographer – Renee Beiforte

*Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Show

*Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Actress – Raylin Marcotte

*Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Actor – Ryan Jeffrey