Show History


Encore Series Productions


Year                                        Show                                                    Director


2020                                       The Wedding Singer                           Craig Marshall

2019                                       Mary Poppins                                      Craig Marshall

            *Act-co – Best Choreographer – Cathy Smith

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Actress – Erica Astles 

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Actor - Jason Andrew

2018                                       The Producers                                     Doug Feggans

            *Act-co – Best Sound Design – David Brown

            *Encores Series Subscriber Favourite Actor – Kirk DePalma

2017                                       Catch Me if You Can                           Renee Beiforte

            *Act-co – Best Supporting Actor – Martin Buote

            *Encores Series Subscriber Favourite Actor – Nick Cuhna

            *Encore Series Favourite Show

2016                                        Shrek                                                    Renee Beiforte       

         *Act-co – Best Actress – Karen Chorney

2015                                        Grease                                                  Danny Harvey

2014                                        The Secret Garden                              Danny Harvey


2013                                        Crazy for You                                       Danny Harvey

            *Act-co – Best Music Director – Erica Feggans Astles

            *Act-co – Best Choreographer – Renee Beiforte

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Show

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Actress – Raylin Marcotte

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Actor – Ryan Jeffrey

2012                                        Anne of Green Gables                        Renee Beiforte 

            *Act-co – Best Actress – Meredith Busteed

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite – Meredith Busteed


2011                                        Urinetown                                            Bob Riddell

            *Act-co – Best Actor – Brent Wilkinson

            *Act-co – Best Supporting – Mark Jones

2010                                        Footloose                                             John Thomas

            *Act-co – Best Choreographer – Cathy Smith

            *Encore Series Best Show

2009                                        Evita                                                      Danny Harvey

            *Encore Series Best Show

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Actor – Leander Mendoza

2008                                        Joseph and the Amazing                   Doug Feggans

                                                 Technicolour Dreamcoat                                

            *Encore Series Best Show

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Show

2007                                        The Wizard of Oz                                 Rob Woodcock


2006                                        West Side Story                                    Danny Harvey


2005                                        Annie                                                      Rob Woodcock

            *Encore Series Best Show

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Actress – Tess Barao

2004                                        Carousel                                                Gloria Buchert

2003                                        Into The Woods                                     David Ambrose

2002                                        Anne of Green Gables                          David Ambrose

            *Encore Series Best Show

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Show

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Actress – Laura Redekop

2001                                        Fiddler on the Roof                               Rob Woodcock

                                                                                                                  & Elizabeth Bell

           *Encores Series Best Show

           *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Show

2000                                        State Fair                                                Rob Woodcock


1999                                        Mame                                                      Bob Riddell

            *Encore Series Subscriber Favourite Show​

1998                                        Gigi                                                           Susan Horner


1997                                        Sweet Charity                                         Susan Horner


1996                                        My Fair Lady                                           Susan Horner

            *Encore Series Best Show

1995                                        Bye Bye Birdie                                        Susan Horner


1994                                        Meet Me in St Louis                               Susan Horner &

                                                                                                                   Ron Cameron

            *Encore Series Best Show

* From 1984 � 1993 M.M.T. also produced : Trial by Jury, Pirates of Penzance, Patience, H.M.S. Pinafore, Annie Get Your Gun, Mame, Oklahoma, Guys and Dolls, The Boyfriend, Pajama Game