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Rehearsals have started for Matilda The Musical!

Oct 3, 2022

It was so great to have the whole cast and crew together!

On Sunday, October 3rd, almost the entire cast and crew of MATILDA THE MUSICAL gathered together in our rehearsal space for our first read-through of the script and music rehearsal.

Our production team: JQ Smith (choreographer), Craig Marshall (director), Wendy Guest (stage manager), Erica Astles (music director), Michelle Brunett Wood (ASM), Brenda Halley (costumes)

Such a talented group of people!

Our incredible Stage Management Team, Wendy Guest, Debby Roose, and Michelle Brunett Wood

Music Director Erica Astles leading our first music rehearsal

Martin Van Helden reading lines as Mr. Wormwood

So great to hear live singing again!

The children of MATILDA are so excited to finally be rehearsing!

Top: Ana Victoria Dinapo, Chloe Lamb, Blythe Harvey, Pragya Sharma

Bottom: Janie Pena, Victoria Freitas, Lily Mauer, Brian Romanell

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