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Learn more about the characters of Into the Woods, discover if you are a fit for one of the roles and find some useful links to audition material! 

The “hero” of the story, although his actions are not always heroic. The Baker feels he must “fix” his and his wife’s inability to have children and initially tries to pursue his quest without her, but he soon realizes he is much better off with her by his side. Presents Male.  

Baritone (Ab2–G4)


Baker’s Wife
Badly wanting a child, the Baker’s Wife would go to any length to have one. However, when her husband sets off into the woods to seek the things that would enable them to remove their “curse” of infertility, her assertiveness and stubbornness eventually help bring about a change between her and her husband. Presents Female. 

Mezzo-Soprano (G3–G5)


Initially portrayed as "the villain" the Witch's story is much more complicated. At times, yes, she is an adversary, but the Witch is just as human as the characters who cross her path. She has an ulterior motive when she reveals she was the one who placed the curse of infertility on the Baker's family. Presents Female. 

Mezzo-Soprano/Belter (F3–Ab5)



Even though she lives with her father, wicked stepmother, and two cruel stepsisters, Cinderella is kind and good, and her only wish is to go to the Prince's festival (a.k.a. The Ball), but once she does go and the Prince pursues her, she is uncertain about how to proceed. Presents Female.

Mezzo-Soprano (Ab3–G5)


Foolhardy, sometimes dense, and desperate for a better life, Jack sells his beloved cow Milky White for magic beans which lead him up the beanstalk and on a journey of growing up and learning to accept the consequences. Presents Male.

Tenor (A2–G4)


Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood must journey from youth and innocence into adulthood. Until The Wolf comes along, she believes that everything and everyone is good in her life, and everyone is to be trusted. However, this encounter causes her to grow up, and she must take responsibility by taking her journey through the woods. Presents Female. 

Mezzo-Soprano (Bb3–F5)


Raised and locked away by The Witch, Rapunzel grew up confined to a tower in the woods; and even though she escapes to start a new life and understand her true history, she struggles to maintain her sanity after her distressing upbringing. Presents Female. 

Soprano (A3-Bb5)

Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf

Though charming, handsome, and seemingly perfect, Cinderella’s Prince thinks his royal birth entitles him to take anything, and anyone, he wants A rather hungry creature, the Wolf represents imminent danger and the chaos of life and death. Presents Male.

Bari-Tenor (Bb2-Gb4)

Rapunzel’s Prince

Attractive and pompous like his brother, Cinderella’s Prince, he is second-in-line, has a chip on his shoulder, and is always searching for the next best thing. He tries his best to help when Rapunzel starts to lose her grip on reality. Presents Male. 

Bari-Tenor (C#3-Gb5)

Narrator/Mysterious Man

Following the path of teachers and parents’ footsteps, the Narrator helps guide the story along. The Narrator is an original character created for the musical. A wandering vagrant found in the woods, he is full or riddles and an important secret. The Mysterious Man is an original character created for the musical. Presents Male. 

Baritone (G2-E4)

Jack’s Mother

A single mother and a fighter, Jack’s Mother is mainly concerned with not starving. She forces Jack to sell his beloved cow, Milky White, to survive. Presents Female. 

Soprano (Bb3-Gb5)

Cinderella’s Stepmother

Psychologically abusive, greedy, selfish, and mean-spirited, Cinderella’s Stepmother wants what is best for herself and her two daughters, but not Cinderella. Presents Female. 

Mezzo-Soprano (A3-F#5)


Cinderella’s cruel stepsisters who follow in their mother’s footsteps. While the sisters experienced an ambiguous fate as part of a certain animated movie, their story in the musical closely follows The Brothers Grimm's tale. Presents Female. 

Mezzo-Soprano (C4–D5)


Cinderella’s cruel stepsisters who follow in their mother’s footsteps. While the sisters experienced an ambiguous fate as part of a certain animated movie, their story in the musical closely follows The Brothers Grimm's tale. Presents Female. 

Mezzo-Soprano (A3–D5)

Cinderella’s Mother/Granny/Giant

Though no longer living, Cinderella’s Mother is still pivotal in granting useful advice and helping fulfill Cinderella’s wish of going to the Prince’s ball. Little Red’s grandmother who lives in the woods. She is feisty and vindictive towards the Wolf. She is a primary character in The Brothers Grimm’s tale. The giant’s wife that lives at the top of the beanstalk. She is loud, angry, and very, very big. Presents Female. 

Soprano (D4-F5)


An attendant of Cinderella’s Prince, self-important, surly servant to the royal family – Presents Male or Female. 

Cinderella’s Father

Is most often drunk, and indifferent/unaware to the plight of his daughter. Presents Male.


Milky White

May be puppet or costumed, Presents Male or Female.

Snow White & Sleeping Beauty

Smaller roles, appear only at end of show, Presents Female.


Please Note: Characters traditionally played by the same actor may not be portrayed by the same actor
in this production.

If the “Mysterious Man” and “Narrator” are played by different actors, the “Narrator” can present as
either Male or Female


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